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1. Sleeping Positions- Avoid sleeping on your jaw. This is the most important regimen. Back sleeping is the best sleeping position to enable your jaw to relax. A small pillow or rolled up towel to support your neck curvature is optional and may be helpful. You will probably find it necessary to elevate your knees with a large pillow to reduce any back discomfort.

2. Precautions- Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth as this puts undue stress on the jaw. Avoid chewy foods and avoid biting anything with your front teeth. A soft diet is recommended.

4. Moist Heat- Application of moist heat with a hot towel to the affected area or side of your jaw at least twice daily for approximately 20 minutes will help relax the muscles. This can be done more often if the discomfort does not subside.

5. Diet- Limit the intake of sugar and caffeine, as both are stimulants to the nervous system.

6. Medication- Often an anti-inflammatory medication will be prescribed. If prescribed, take any medication as directed.

7. Other Treatments- We may recommend a biteguard to reduce the stress that is causing your jaw discomfort.